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About IIPC

The Industry Institute Partnership Cell is established in 2021 to improve the industrial interaction of students and staff members. The Cell is headed by the Principal and managed by Chief Coordinator Mr. K. Muthumari. To improve the cell activities, Chief coordinator managing the Cell activities with the help of Individual department coordinators who are nominated by the concerned Head of the Departments.

The departments are given target to obtain the valid industrial contacts in terms of bringing industrial projects to the campus, training the students and staff members as per current industrial standards and trying to generate the funds possibly based on their technical potential in assistance with the technical supports provided by the Management. Chief Coordinator has to lead and monitor the individual Department activities though the assigned Department coordinators and have to submit the monthly report to the Principal during the assessment meeting. For the monthly assessment meeting, HoDs, individual Department coordinators, Chief coordinator and Principal will attend the session. During this review meeting, current progress status and the plan and schedule for the upcoming month will be discussed.

Chief Coordinator’s duty is to find the opportunities for signing MoUs with the Companies and to carry out the industrial related activities as per the direction and support from the Principal and Management. To empower the students and staff members, experts are invited by the IIPC to give the training with cutting edge technologies and also to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate the in-plant training, internships and industrial projects for the students, taking up collaborative projects for Industries, setting up Centre of Excellence in the Industry with the participation of the Industry etc.

IIPC for the Academic year 2021-22

Name of the Staff member



Dr. Dr. R. Gnanasekaran



Dr. Mr. K. Muthumari

Mechanical Engineering

Chief Coordinator

Dr. Mr. V. Vasanthapandian

Mechanical Engineering

Department Coordinator

Dr. Mr. S. Saravanan

Automobile Engineering

Department Coordinator

Dr. Mr. N. Ariyarasu

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department Coordinator

Dr. Mr. C. Dhevasenathipathi

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department Coordinator

Dr. Mr. K. Rameshkumar

Computer Engineering

Department Coordinator

Industrial Visit

Industrial visit is mandatory for the students to understand the cutting edge technologies adopted in the Industries. The visit will helps the students to understand the functionalities, industrial components involved in the process, technical skillsets required, outcome, industrial safety measures, industrial standards and etc. This kind of Industrial visits helps the faculty members and students to understand the technical gap between the curriculum and industry. Moreover, students can attend the technical training program to get into the Industry by empowering them. In KHTPC, one Industrial visit per semester for all department students.

In-plant Training

Students are encouraged to go for in-plant training during their semester end holidays. The permission to attend the in-plant training is arranged/ensured by the IIPC coordinators. The details of students’ in-plant training including students’ training attendance, nature of the work they involved during the training as brief report, employers/trainers assessment report about the students’ performance during the training will be noticed and recorded by the IIPC.

S.No Name of the Company Offers
1 Wipro 1
2 TCS 2
3 HGS 4
4 TVS 20
Placement Team

A variety of hygienic food & snack items which includes Cakes, Fresh Juices, Chinese Food, Meals, Variety Rice, Ice Creams, etc are served at a nominal rate. It is mainly used by the students and staff. Separate common rooms for boys and girls and staff are available.

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